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  Introducing the one and only CAMERON!! Cameron was born in July 1997, he was diagnosed soon after with Cockayne syndrome type 2.

Cameron lives near Blackpool, he has the most fantastic sense of humour and a very dirty laugh. Cammy loves animals and has many pets including 4 dogs, 3 cats, a rabbit and a hamster! He has two brothers that he loves dearly. Cams favourite things to do are play his playstation, flirt with the girls, watch his huge collection of films (he loves Barney and Thomas the tank), and ride his trike always shortly followed by his Mum Joline chasing after him!
Although Cameron was diagnosed with type 2 CS he has already doubled his highest life expectancy.
Cameron can not talk but he has learnt some sign and those who know him well can easily understand what he wants, he has never walked but can ride his trike at top speeds and has no trouble scooting around on his bottom! Cam eats and drinks orally and is still surprising us all with his amazing ability to concur all obstacles put in his way.

We love you Cameron, and every day with you in our life is another filled with laughter, love and happiness <3

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