? Amy and Friends - Cockayne Syndrome Support

  Margaret Humpert was born on the 09/04/01, her beautiful baby sister Savana was born shortly afterwards on 09/08/02.

Both girls were diagnosed with Cockayne sydrome, but despite this they were always happy and a delight to be around.

Margaret's favourite pass time was playing with paper, and Savana loved nothing more than to gaze at colourful lights, but both girls loved being outside in the fresh air, especialy when they went to Disney land!

They were a joy to all that met them, touching every ones hearts especially their parents Tammy and Brian.

Margaret grew her wings and flew to heaven on 11/26/06 age five an Savana followed on 04/21/09 age six. Each leaving many beautiful memories with those that met them throughout their short lives on earth.