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Bertie Butterfly is kindly sponsored by Holly Lodge School for Girls, Liverpool.


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Metronidazole (also known as Flagyl® or Metrolyl®) may cause acute liver failure in children with Cockayne syndrome and should be avoided. Please alert your doctors to this.

Health professionals can obtain further information from Dr. Brian Wilson, Any further drug reactions in this patient group should be reported to the regulatory authorities in your own country.

My Time To Be Me
Amy and Friends have piloted a group for siblings, specifically affected by living with a sibling who suffers from a life limiting or severely life affecting illness.

Our group is free of charge, includes a snack tea and drink, activities/organised sessions, fun, a small tuck shop and friendship!

MTTBM is currently based at The Heart of Egremont, Monday to Thursday 5pm - 7pm at the following venue:

The Heart of Egremont
Old Egremont Mission
Guildford Street,
CH44 0BP

If you know of any siblings who would benefit from being part of MTTBM then please contact Jayne for further information.

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