Amanda was born July 10, 1987... happiest day of my life.

We shared a birthday...she was a beautiful little chunk when born...she had lazy eye and that was addressed with glasses, eye patches and finally surgery...we didn't get a diagnosis for quite a while, first testing they said she was mentally retarded, but I knew better... growth hormone levels came back normal...then the MRI of her brain finally brought us answers and we were devastated... luckily my Grandma told me I couldn't put her in a bubble, that she deserved a life worth she continued through school and graduated...we bought her bicycles, four wheelers and horses and she rode them all... nothing she couldn't do if she wanted...we we're fortunate to have a lovely couple that made her Junior and Senior prom possible.

She loved music and I think going deaf and the cochlear implant sent her on the downward spiral...she just got to where she wouldn't talk or listen to the music...she was a RockStar before CS took her hearing...she never felt like she was any different than anyone else which is how we hoped we were raising her...though she touched many hearts and we miss her terribly, I'm thankful CS doesn't control her anymore.



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