This is about a very special little girl in my life.

Chloe is my six year old grand daughter was born June 9th 2005. Chloe was diagnosed with Cockayne Syndrome type2 when she was 2 years old. She is a very happy little girl who loves everyone she meets. She can not talk but she definitely can communicate in her own way. She may only weigh 20 pounds and stand only 2 feet tall and not walk but she has learned to get around very well on her own. Just like many others with her rare syndrome she has learned to adapt and love unconditionally. She is going to school and loves it especially the part of being around other children.

There is so much joy with in her and she has brought so much light to our family it is hard to put in words. One word that does comes to mind is LOVE when you meet her.

She has blonde hair and big blue eyes that just take you in. There is just so much more to say on her I could go on forever but the one thing that definitely stands out is Chloe's personality and her compatibility to love.



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