How can I introduce Georgia? Many of you will have already met her or at least heard of her. She does have a tendency to leave a lasting impression wherever she goes.

Georgia is 17 years of age and will be 18 this September! She is very small in stature, like many of the CS children. What she lacks in size she makes up for in personality. She has a very healthy appetite I’m pleased to say and can spot McDonalds miles away.

She is the most energetic child you could possibly meet and doesn’t want to miss out on a thing. She is very nosy, can’t think where she got that from!! She is a very determined and resilient young lady that hates the word ‘NO’. She has a very cheeky, mischievous grin which you can’t help but adore especially when your patience has run out.

A typical teenager who loves her bed, except on a weekend!! She adores school and her friends there but it is a real battle to get her out of her pit first thing in the morning. She is very strong for her size and knows all the tricks to have a few more minutes sleep each day. Shame it doesn’t work on a Sunday morning.

Her favourite pastime is shopping, like any other female. We have to take ‘baby’ with us on each outing especially to Asda. Now this can be a bit of a nightmare, especially when she drops her ‘baby’ and gives the people in the aisle heart attacks because it looks like a real one! Many a time I have had dirty looks from mums who think I shouldn’t carry the ‘baby’ slung under my armpit, head dangling, or me dragging it by its arm. Most people at Asda know Georgia well but she is lethal pushing the trolley – no-one is safe, and if we have a trolley each she will definitely escape my view with a quick dash around the aisles before I even know she has gone.

Her definitive loud giggle or so-called singing will always lead me to her.

A bit about the family - I have just re-married and Georgia adores Steve and he adores her. Her Dad now lives in Oxfordshire, which is about an hour away from us, but she sees him regularly. She has two sisters, Natalie who is 23 and Charlotte who is 21. She drives them to distraction and causes mayhem with her behaviour but they do love her to bits. If Georgia was a teenager, without special needs, then I dread to think what she would be up to. My hair would certainly be much greyer and alopecia would probably have set in, but I am sure she would be a different girl. So, in many respects, I wouldn’t change her for the world however sad it makes us feel.

Through Georgia we have met so many wonderful people who are truly are an inspiration and we feel quite humble in comparison. Yes, I can’t deny that life is very hard at times but we have so many happy memories that outweigh the not so good ones. We have discovered who our ‘true’ friends are but sadly have lost many throughout the years too.

We also have two cats, Nellie and Mimi who are still a little wary but after 7 years have the most brilliant hiding places. We are about to have an addition to the family, a fox red retriever called Bruno. We were going to call him ‘Baxter’ but had to change it as Georgia couldn’t say Baxter she kept saying B***er instead. She can’t quite say Bruno either but it sounds a lot safer!! He is just 8 weeks of age and Georgia is so excited. We hope that he will become not only our best friend but hers too.


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