Luisa was born in Leiria (Portugal) in November, 2001 and when she was 6 months we begun to notice some hypertonia on her legs. Ever since, she has been doing different types of therapy,
and only was diagnosed CS when she was 4 years old.

She's a lovely and happy child that has lots of love from her family, friends and school colleagues. She´s very sociable, a good observer and has a fine memory.

Luisa loves parties, water pools, animals, chocolate, plasticine and Legos. She's very feminine in her likes, and loves men, specially if they have a beard to pull.

She really knows what she wants and has its own methods to show that. She says a lot of individual words but can't make a sentence longer than 3 words. She needs a hand to support her walk because she has lots of tremors and has to struggle with imbalance, and a strong hipertonia in the lower members.



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