Metronidazole (also known as Flagyl® or Metrolyl®) may cause acute liver failure in children with Cockayne syndrome and should be avoided. Please alert your doctors to this.

Health professionals can obtain further information from
Dr. Brian Wilson

Any further drug reactions in this patient group should be reported to the regulatory authorities in your own country.
  Our friend Danny passed away a few days short of his 7th birthday. What an inspirational young man he was to everyone....he smiled right until the end.

In his short life, blonde haired/blue eyed Danny met and had so many friends right across the world. He loved his iPad, balloons and adored IKEA lamps! He was lucky enough to have found love with his little girlfriend Macee - it was love at first sight!

Danny’s family and friends want to make sure that his legacy lives on and that children with his illness will be helped in his memory for many years to come. Please ‘Do It For Danny’ 💛💙


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